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Pank by AVeryStrange Pank :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 0 3 White Horse, Grey Horse, Large Horse, Gay Horse by AVeryStrange White Horse, Grey Horse, Large Horse, Gay Horse :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 4 1 Octavia Portrait Experiment by AVeryStrange Octavia Portrait Experiment :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 0 11 Sleepy Starcrossed by AVeryStrange Sleepy Starcrossed :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 0 35
Twilight Sparkle was used to catching a moment's peace whenever she could. When she had first arrived at Ponyville, she had seen no reason why she couldn't adapt her rigorous schedule to her new lifestyle - replace classes with personal studying, leave more time for luncheons and visits with friends, etcetera. This mentality had gone out the window sometime between staving off the parasprite invasion and dealing with a stable time-loop she herself had created. It had become apparent since then that she'd have to accept more surprises in her life, and less schedule for it. Over time, she had began to get used to it, taking advantage of her quiet time to get what she wanted done but knowing it might get interrupted at any point.
Still, receiving a knock on the door before she had even opened the library for the day did not bode well for today's plans. She had been hoping to get started on a particularly riveting text about biomagical systems after breakfast, and unexpected visits seldom
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A Different Tune Chapter 3
Octavia filed into school with several other students, almost as nervous as she was on her first day. Mrs. Reed was giving out a quiz today, there was so much homework due, and they were starting a new song today in music class. That wasn't even thinking about how she had to make sure she was on her absolutely best behavior this afternoon...
"Heya Tavi!" Vinyl greeted Octavia by almost pouncing on her, wrapping a foreleg around Octavia's withers, her momentum causing her to bump up against the filly. Octavia swayed but didn't stumble, having already gotten used to Scratch's preferred method of greeting.
"Good morning Scratch. Are you ready for school today?"
"I'm ready for it to be over!" Scratch replied, removing her foreleg and walking beside Octavia. "I can't believe your mom's letting you come over later! Don't you do like five hours practice a day or something?"
"Only two." Octavia corrected. "Father said I am allowed to make it up over the weekend."
"Lucky you." Scratch rolled he
:iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 25 56
A Different Tune Chapter 2
Octavia followed Scratch as the filly led her to the instrument room, which Mrs. Reed had pointed them towards after they made amends, noting that they were already quite tardy thanks to, as she put it, "Vinyl's latest stunt". Fortunately it seemed the old mare had been overexaggerating slightly, given that the last of their class was still filing into the room ahead of them. Vinyl got to the door ahead of Octavia, and held it for her. They made it just in time for their music instructor to turn around and face the class. He was a yellow unicorn with a long brown ponytail of a mane, and the only adult Octavia had seen who wore a smile on his face.
"Now I know you all picked instruments out over the summer," he said, voice so raspy that Octavia's throat hurt in sympathy. "But you gotta make sure it feels right in your hooves. Try it all out, colts and fillies." He gestured around the room to the dozens of carefully arranged instruments. Stands held saxaphones and violins, trumpets and o
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Pony shipping OHGODWHAT by AVeryStrange Pony shipping OHGODWHAT :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 24 104 Averypony 3 by AVeryStrange Averypony 3 :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 2 11 Averypony 2 by AVeryStrange Averypony 2 :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 0 1 Averypony 1 by AVeryStrange Averypony 1 :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 0 15
Merry Christmas
"Colgate! Colllllllga- *hic* -ate!" The call came in loud and clear from the other side of Colgate's front door. Colgate groaned and put down her book in a huff. For now she just sunk into her armchair a little deeper, trying to pretend like she didn't know exactly what was coming next. Sure, she could pretend not to be home for now, but it was only a matter of time until-
"Col-whoa!" A loud thump shook her front door. Colgate winced, despite pretty much expecting that. This was the point at which she usually got up to stop the pony on the other side from harming herself (or the house) too greatly. But she had been out nearly every night this week, and couldn't understand why she could get a little peace. So maybe if she waited just a little longer than usual...
"Colgate! I know yur- oooof." The call wasn't quite coming from the door anymore. Oh no, Colgate thought. She wasn't. She wasn't really-
"Hiya Colgate!" the suddenly much louder and clearer voice greeted Colgate from her window
:iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 40 40
A Different Tune Chapter 1
The first day of school. A troubling time for many a colt or filly, finding out who had moved away, who was still around, who was to be in their class and who would part ways. There was the matter of supplies: paper, pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, rulers, protractors... the list seemed designed so that for the first few weeks there'd always be some poor soul who'd have to tell the teacher what they'd forgotten while the rest of class withdrew their required item from stuffed saddlebags. Students showed off new shoes, saddlebags and lunchbags, gossiped about which teacher gave the most homework and which one showed movies, and complained at the ever growing size of their textbooks.
One filly was doing none of these things, because she was busy sitting in the headmaster's office. Her mother, an ice-blue earth pony with lilac eyes, sat beside her, looking over papers she had just signed before handing them across to a bulky gray unicorn with a beard like a billy goat's. The filly had
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xscaralienx's gift 2 by AVeryStrange xscaralienx's gift 2 :iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 7 11
Luna's Day Out Chapter 3
Lunch went smoothly, and Luna's praise that she'd have to recommend this place to others had left the host with a nervous happiness. She gave a long yawn, and Nova matched it from his nest on Luna's head. Fluttershy had started back towards the shops, but paused for the princess.
"My apologies, again." Luna said, in all sincerity. "I'll be pulling an all-dayer at this rate, with my night ahead of me!"
"We could-"
"No, no, if I go back to the palace before the sun has set I know my sister will find time to ask me what's wrong, why didn't I enjoy myself... she tries so hard, but I wish she wouldn't sound so much like mother used to." Luna ended with a huff. "Though to be honest I've spent more time amongst ponies today than... well, for significantly more than a thousand years, I'll tell you. I wasn't expecting this bustle, it's enough to wear on one's patience."
"But, what if we went back to Ponyville? It's so much quieter there, and, couldn't you explore there?" Fluttershy offered. Lun
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Luna's Day Out Chapter 2
Several minutes later, Fluttershy and Luna exited the pet store. Luna had vanished midway through their purchase and returned with saddlebags to carry their items, along with more than enough bits to make their purchase. The princess glanced up at her head, where a certain black kitten was nested in her mane, currently gnawing lightly at her horn.
"This is a mistake. Why am I doing this?" Luna asked.
"I think he'd look good with a ribbon, don't you?"
"Oh yes he should have a blue ribbon, but sky blue, it'll go with his silver darn it stop making me do that." Luna glared at Fluttershy. Instead of smiling like she would've expected her sister to do, Fluttershy looked hurt.
"It's fine." Luna said quickly. She felt the kitten shift, settling down. She felt slightly ridiculous, but oddly enough didn't care.
"I could help you with animal care, I mean, if you want..."
"We'll... see. I think we bought enough pet supplies for at least a couple years."
Fluttershy smiled. "I'm sure you'll take gr
:iconaverystrange:AVeryStrange 72 73


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MLP why did you get so creepy.
That was literally an episode about brainwashing. The main six were imprisoned in a room with propaganda playing 24/7. They are made to look physically exhausted, so they probably didn't even get much sleep.
That. Was. Creepy.

Also what are they even going to do with the villain? She's the first legitimately evil pony we've seen. I know the answer is going to be "she says sorry and is redeemed" but I just can't see that working. The creepiest villains are the ones who are convinced they're doing the right thing.

I can't even figure out who to ship her with.

Those background ponies were super cute though. Even if Double Diamond's voice is obnoxious.


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Whoa... Did I seriously say that on your last birthday? ._. God I had problems xD

well happy birthday again :) hope you're having fun
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Happy Birthday AverySexy- I mean, AveryStrange! ^w^
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M7Fire Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Dislestia confirmed?? 0_0 Your thoughts?
AVeryStrange Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same as it's been for, like, 2 whole seasons now; there's no canon police. If you like it, enjoy it. If you don't like it, ignore it. Write fanfic or make fanart that contradicts it, or whatever.

Personally, I'm ambivalent on it. It's strikes me as a little too obvious, I mean it's practically a trope, right? The eternal antagonist secretly having feelings for the goody-two-shoes he's mocked time and again in the past. -.-

I'll probably stick to TwilightxCelestia
M7Fire Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I was actually referring to... wait have you seen the finale? Well anyways, yeah I like Twilight-Celestia thing too, but my only problem is that Celestia is going to outlive her where as even though the student-teacher relationship thing makes it seem a bit more passionate, it doesn't necessarily make it immortal. Eventually Celestia will have to move on and I feel sorry for her =(

As for Luna, what do you think? Is she the dating type?
AVeryStrange Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude I said in the journal post that I was episodes behind. Anyway, my point still stands. Also, in my headcanon Twilight's gonna be immortal anyway, so that point is moot.

Luna x Twilight. Luna x Minuette. Luna x Octavia. Luna x Vinyl Scratch. Luna x Octavia x Vinyl Scratch. I've got a few ships for Luna, yes :3
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